Viva! Las Vegas

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Title Screen

Vegas Dream

游戏名称: Vegas Dream
别名: Viva! Las Vegas (JP)
开发商: HAL Laboratory
发行商: Epic/Sony Records (JP), HAL America (US)
游戏平台: NES
发行于日本: September 30,1988
发行于美国: March 1990

CopyrightIcon.png 本游戏有隐藏的开发商字幕.
DevTextIcon.png 本游戏有隐藏了与开发相关的文字.
DebugIcon.png 本游戏有隐藏的调试功能.
SoundtestIcon.png 本游戏有隐藏的音乐测试.
RegionIcon.png 本游戏有区域差别.

Vegas Dream lets you live the dream of gambling in Vegas all while avoiding swindlers, falling chandeliers, and nasty spills down the stairs.

Debug Mode

Input the following code at the game select screen:

Version Button Code
US Up, Down, Right, Left, Up, Down, Right, Left, A, B, A, B, B
JP B, A, A, B, A, A, B, A, A, A, B, A, B

A sound will confirm a correct entry, although you only have one chance in the US version (if you mess up or press any buttons beforehand, the code will not register and you'll have to reset). Then, you can enter one of the following debug modes.

Message Test

I'd love to, but I'm too busy looking at messages.

Hold A + B and press Start to enter "MESSAGE TEST", which lets you view all the dialogue. The Japanese version has both English and Japanese, which can be toggled with Select...although oddly, the Japanese version uses the English dialogue in-game.

Ending Sequence

Hold A and press Start on "Black Jack" to see the ending.

Game Over

This. Is not. Roulette. And where's my money?!

Hold A and press Start on "Roulette" to trigger a game over. In "Vegas Dream" mode, this brings up the Lucky Slot machine which appears after you've lost all your money, giving you a second chance to continue playing. In "One Spot" mode, it instead takes you directly to the "game over" screen, followed by the title screen.

Face Test

And now we'll see if you can pick him out just from seeing his mouth!

Hold A and press Start on "Slot Machine" to view the character portraits.

Sound Test

Actually, this is a quite accurate reproduction of being knocked-out in a Vegas bathroom.

Hold A and press Start on "Keno" for a basic sound test.

Unused Text

There's a version string in the ROM.

Version Text
VIVA! LASVEGAS 1988/06/17
MIX ID : n.gotoh1989-10-01Ver1.1

The Japanese version was compiled on June 17, 1988, and the US version (1.1) on October 1, 1989. Also, Naoki "N." Gotoh is credited as a programmer in the game's credits.

Regional Differences

Compare changes in English script?
Japan US
Vegas DreamJP-title.png Vegas Dream (U) -!--0.png

The Japanese title screen has a larger main title font, which results in the bottom row of stars not being present, and the Viva! cuts into the stars as well, removing what would be the middle-right four stars. Additionally, the "PUSH START BUTTON" text is moved up to accommodate the copyright string and logo. The Epic logo is still loaded into memory at the title screen in the US version, though.

Japan US
VegasDream-GameSelect-JP.png VegasDream-GameSelect-US.png

The Epic logo was again removed from the game select screen.

Japan US
Vegas Dream (U) -!--3.png

The Epic logos on the slot machines were changed to HAI (HAL America, Inc.), a comma was added to the Lucky Slot text, and the comma graphic itself was shifted down by one pixel.

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