SD Keiji - Blader

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So very stubbly.
你如果有兴趣或奉献精神,可以 丰实这个档案?

Title Screen

SD Keiji - Blader

开发商: NMK
发行商: Taito
游戏平台: NES
发行于日本: August 2,1991

DevMessageIcon.png 本游戏有隐藏的开发信息.
DevTextIcon.png 本游戏有隐藏了与开发相关的文字.
DebugIcon.png 本游戏有隐藏的调试功能.

Full Integrity Test

CRC check passed CRC check failed

Press and hold Up + Down + Left + Right on the second controller then press Reset, after a while the message "プログラム  オーケー" ("PROGRAM OK") will appear if the PRG CRC test is passed and "キャラクター オーケー" ("CHARACTER OK") if the CHR CRC test is passed. In other case, if some of the CRC tests fails, you will see the word "エラー" ("ERROR") instead of "オーケー". Note that there is impossible to press all these buttons at the same time on the normal controller.

SRAM test failed SRAM reinitialized SRAM test passed

These messages will be displayed until you press the A button on the first controller, then the SRAM test will be performed. Program will check for the SRAM data blocks signatures and if there is no proper data, will display the message "エラー" on a red background. After reinit the SRAM with correct signatures the background turns blue.

In other case the message "オーケー" will be displayed.

User Tests

There is another way to trigger the CRC tests without SRAM tests, but with possible to press button combination and an extra debug options. Press and hold Up + A + B on the second controller, then press Reset. This will trigger the CRC test mentioned above with the same messages. But this time, messages are displaying a very short time. You must press additional buttons before it disappear to get different effects:

  • Press and Hold Right + A + B on the second controller. The Staff roll will be displayed after a short delay.
  • Press and Hold Left + A + B on the second controller. Now if you start a new game, your character will have maximum level 59 and other improved characteristics.

Unused Text

The random generator seed in this game uses some data table, it starts with otherwise unused string:

Programed by YOU

and ends with another text string: