Proto:Goonies 2, The - Fratelli Saigo no Chousen

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这个页面详细介绍了一个或多个Proto:Goonies 2, The - Fratelli Saigo no Chousen的工程版.
Download.png 下载 Goonies II, The - Fratelli Saigo no Chousen (J) (Prototype)
文件: Goonies_II, The_-_Fratelli_Saigo_no_Chousen_(J)_(Prototype).zip (256 KB) (信息)
So very stubbly.
你如果有兴趣或奉献精神,可以 丰实这个档案?
Notes: Much more documentation on the prototype here. Cover the differences.
(Prototype source: Nintendo Player)

General Differences

  • The password system is absent in this build.
  • The 开发者信息 are accessible; no codes need! Just press A + B + Down on Controller 2 and use the transceiver.

Graphical Differences

There are a few more graphical differences.

Just little differences in some graphics; nothing too major.


Prototype Final
Goonies II NES-shoe proto.png
Goonies II NES-shoe wing proto.png
Goonies II NES-shoe spring proto.png
Goonies II NES-shoe final.png
Goonies II NES-shoe wing final.png
Goonies II NES-shoe spring final.png

A pixel was removed from the shoelaces on the shoe items.


Prototype Final
Goonies II NES-cursor proto.png
Goonies II NES-cursor final.png

The cursor was made narrower to prevent a bit of cutoff on the right side.


Prototype Final
Goonies II NES-bomb proto.png
Goonies II NES-bomb final.png

Two sparks were removed from the bomb's fuse.