Prerelease:Monster Party

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This page details one or more prerelease versions of Prerelease:Monster Party.

Title Screen

Prerelease Japanese Prototype US Release
Monster Party-Prerelease1.jpg Monster Party (Proto)-Title screen.png MonsterParty-title.png

The build in this prerelease image seems to be later than the Japanese prototype and more closely resembles the American version. It's important to note that the game in this image is titled "Monster Party" with Parody World dropped.

Early Screenshots

The images above are from a much earlier build of Monster Party as shown in the October 21, 1988 issue of Famicom Hissyoubon. They are even earlier than the Japanese prototype and are of the first level.

It appears that dialogue would have originally been displayed during gameplay. In later builds this was changed so that dialogue is only displayed before boss battles.

Japanese English
このやろ! Take that!
ぱた ぱた *flap flap*
てく てく *plod plod*