Port Test Cartridge

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Title Screen

Port Test Cartridge

开发商: Nintendo
发行商: Nintendo
游戏平台: NES

GraphicsIcon.png 本游戏有未使用的图型.

The Port Test Cartridge was a service cartridge used by the Nintendo World Class Service to check if the controller ports on an NES were working.

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文件: Port Test Cartridge.zip (10 KB) (信息)

Unused Graphics

There might be more.

There are a lot of leftover graphics from Popeye which appear to be from an earlier version of the game:

Sea Hag

Early Final
Nescontroldeck earlyseahag.png Nescontroldeck finalseahag.png

The Sea Hag's walking sprite was redrawn, and appears to be drawn from a slightly different angle.


Early Final
Nescontroldeck earlythrusign.png Nescontroldeck finalthrusign.png

The THRU sign's post was thickened and the bottom half of the arrow was moved over.


Early Final
Nescontroldeck earlyskull.png Nescontroldeck finalskull.png

The skull was changed from facing forwards to facing sideways.

模板:Nintendo Console Testing Software