Mortal Kombat II Special

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Title Screen

Mortal Kombat II Special

别名: Mortal Kombat III Special, Mortal Kombat III Special: 56 Pepoles, Mortal Kombat IV Special
开发商: Hummer Team
发行商: JY Company
游戏平台: Unlicensed NES
发行于中国台湾: 1995

CopyrightIcon.png 本游戏有隐藏的开发商字幕.


Pressing Up, Right, A, Down, Right, B, Up, Left during the demo will trigger a hidden JY logo screen with the common full-screen logo. The only way out of it is to reset the game.

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DIP Switches/Version Differences

Mortal Kombat 3 - Special 56 Peoples-alttitle.png

As with several other pirate games, Mortal Kombat II Special uses a PCB with a DIP switch on it, which changes some aspects of the game's visual appearance. The game can be switched between Mortal Kombat II Special (with intro) and Mortal Kombat III Special 56 Pepoles (without intro). The DIP switch setting can be changed in FCEUX by resetting the game (note that other emulators may handle this differently).

Mortal Kombat III Special-alttitle.png

A third variant of the game, Mortal Kombat III Special, was made available as a separate cartridge, but can't be selected with the DIP switches.