Mechanized Attack

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Title Screen

Mechanized Attack

游戏名称: Mechanized Attack
开发商: SNK
发行商: SNK
游戏平台: NES
发行于美国: June 1990

GraphicsIcon.png 本游戏有未使用的图型.
TextIcon.png 本游戏有未使用的文本.
DebugIcon.png 本游戏有隐藏的调试功能.
LevelSelectIcon.png 本游戏有隐藏的选关功能.

例如: Full frontal nudity

You shoot things. You shoot people too. Sometimes the people are robots. Sometimes they are not.

System Construction Figure

Mechanized Attack (U) -!--0.png

At the title screen, hold Down + Left + B + Select on Controller 1, then press Right + A + B at the same time on Controller 2 and release all the buttons. A debug screen with title "SYSTEM CONSTRUCTION FIGURE" will appear.

You can now enable/disable music or sound effects, select the starting amount of lives/ammo/grenades/continues, and start with the selected level, including the ending sequence. Press Up or Down to select, A or B to change values.

Easter Egg

In addition, you can also remove the clothing from the girl used as the cursor in the above menu. While the girl is initially fully dressed, you can set the "PLAYER", "MAGAZINE", "GRENADE", and "CONTINUE" options to the following values to undress her step by step.

Note that you can only set the next value after successfully setting the previous one; you can't just set values randomly to access random undressing levels.

Unused Graphics


This appears to be a bra for the girl on the debug screen, who normally doesn't wear one.


Here's how she would look wearing the bra.


This text, which translates to "Maiko's Special Mode", is present in the CHR bank used by the aforementioned System Construction Figure mode. The text was likely meant to appear on this screen at one point.

Additionally, there are copies of the top part of the dress and the panties that are positioned slightly differently than the used versions.