“Magical Doropie”的版本间的差异

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Aside from the level select listed below, three other codes are included only in the Japanese version and must be entered at the title screen. Two of these codes access hidden playable characters.
===Play as Kagemaru===
[[File:FileMagical_Dorpie_NES-Playable_Character_Kagemaru.png|I have a gun, bang bang.]]
[[File:FileMagical_Dorpie_NES-Playable_Character_Kagemaru.png|I have a gun, bang bang.]]
Press '''Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, A, B, A, B''' on controller 2 and then hold '''Select''' and press '''A''' on controller 1. Upon further look at the box art, Kagemaru indeed has a gun! Besides wielding a gun while playing him, nowhere in the game does it suggest he has one.
在标题画面时,按控制器2的 ''', , , , , , , , A, B, A, B''',之后按住控制器1的 '''选择键(Select)''' 再按 '''A'''键。再看看卡带盒子封面,茂树确实有枪!除了在和他玩的时候挥舞着枪,在游戏中没有任何地方显示他有枪。
===Play as an Unknown Character===
Press '''Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, A, B, A, B''' on controller 2 and then hold '''Select''' and press '''Start''' on controller 1. Judging from the beret, it is actually Francesca and her Wand. Unlike Kagemaru, this character is never in the plot.
在标题画面时,按控制器2的 ''', , , , , , , , A, B, A, B''',之后按住控制器1的 '''选择键(Select)''' 再按 '''开始键(Start)'''。从帽子上看,实际上是女主角和她的魔杖。与茂树不同的是,这个角色从未出现在剧情中。
Press '''Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right''' on controller 2 and then hold '''Select''' and press '''Start''' on controller 1. By entering this code, you won't even flinch by touching an enemy.
在标题画面时,按控制器2的 '''上, 下, 上, 下, 左, 右''',之后按住控制器1的 '''选择键(Select)''' 再按 '''开始键(Start)'''。
===Tech Notes===
The playable character codes set memory at address {{hex|$00FF}} to {{hex|01}} for Kagemaru and {{hex|02}} for the "Unknown Character." Changing this value at the title screen is equivalent to entering the code. Technically any value besides {{hex|00}} or {{hex|02}} will simply result in Kagemaru. The only real effect is that memory at {{hex|$0303}} and {{hex|$0304}} are set to different MMC3 CHR bank values when the level is initialized -- {{hex|$40/$41}} for Doropie/Francesca, {{hex|$68/$69}} for Kagemaru, and {{hex|$4A/$4B}} for "Unknown Character." In Krion Conquest, this value appears to not be checked at all. The override subroutine that would change which player sprite CHR banks get written in appears to be completely absent, and thus {{hex|$0303}} and {{hex|$0304}} are always initialized to {{hex|$40}} and {{hex|$41}}, respectively.
可玩角色代码将地址{{hex|$00FF}}的内存设置为{{hex|01}}为茂树(Kagemaru), {{hex|02}}为未知角色。在标题画面上更改这个值相当于输入代码。从技术上讲,除了{{hex|00}}{{hex|02}}之外的任何值都将使用茂树(Kagemaru)。唯一的实际效果是,初始化级别时,{{hex|$0303}}{{hex|$0304}}将内存设置为不同的MMC3 CHR 程序段值——{{hex|$40/$41}}用于Doropie/Francesca, {{hex|$68/$69}}用于茂树(Kagemaru), {{hex|$4A/$4B}}用于未知角色。在美版上,这个值似乎根本不被检查。改变写入哪个角色精灵CHR银行的覆盖子例程似乎完全不存在,因此{{hex|$0303}{{hex|$0304}}总是分别初始化为{{hex|$40}}{{hex|$41}}
The invincibility code sets memory at address {{hex|$004E}} to {{hex|01}}, and interestingly this value is still checked and works in Krion Conquest even though the code can no longer be entered.
无敌代码将地址{{hex |$004E}}的内存设置为{{hex|01}},有趣的是,即使无法再输入代码,此值仍在美版中检查并有效。
{{source|[http://www.gamefaqs.com/nes/579876-the-krion-conquest/cheats GameFAQS], Southbird}}
{{source|[http://www.gamefaqs.com/nes/579876-the-krion-conquest/cheats GameFAQS], Southbird}}

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Title Screen


游戏名称: Magical Doropie
中文名: 小魔女皮皮
别名: Magical Kids Doropie (JP box art), Magical Doropie (JP in-game),Krion Conquest, The (US)
开发商: Vic Tokai
发行商: Vic Tokai
游戏平台: NES
发行于日本: December 14,1990
发行于美国: January 1991

GraphicsIcon.png 本游戏有未使用的图型.
DebugIcon.png 本游戏有隐藏的调试功能.
LevelSelectIcon.png 本游戏有隐藏的选关功能.
RegionIcon.png 本游戏有区域差别.

ProtoIcon.png 本游戏有工程版页
PrereleaseIcon.png 本游戏有早期发行页



Krion Conquest NES Doropie angry graphic.png



日版 美版
Doropie is Engrish for Dorothy. "Krion" is what you'll be doing after you finish playing this game.



日版 美版
In early stages on development, did you know that this game was planned to be a licensed game based on The Wizard of Oz anime? Vic Tokai failed to get it, so they had to come up with a plot themselves. What were your parents thinking when they named you?



Magical Dorpie NES-Stage Intro.png



Magical Doropie Japan 002.png


第 4-3 关

日版 美版
Magical Doropie Japan4-2.png Krion Conquest The USA 6-2.png


日版 美版



Krion Conquest-continue.png

在日版中,你有无限数量的继续, "CONTINUE" 选项出现在标题画面上。美版不包含这个功能,所以当你失败(Game Over)后,你需要从头开始。游戏精灵代码GAEEGASA将恢复此功能。






I have a gun, bang bang.

在标题画面时,按控制器2的 上, 上, 下, 下, 左, 右, 左, 右, A, B, A, B,之后按住控制器1的 选择键(Select) 再按 A键。再看看卡带盒子封面,茂树确实有枪!除了在和他玩的时候挥舞着枪,在游戏中没有任何地方显示他有枪。


Magical Dorpie NES-Playable Unkown Character.png

在标题画面时,按控制器2的 上, 上, 下, 下, 左, 右, 左, 右, A, B, A, B,之后按住控制器1的 选择键(Select) 再按 开始键(Start)。从帽子上看,实际上是女主角和她的魔杖。与茂树不同的是,这个角色从未出现在剧情中。


在标题画面时,按控制器2的 上, 下, 上, 下, 左, 右,之后按住控制器1的 选择键(Select) 再按 开始键(Start)


可玩角色代码将地址$00FF的内存设置为01为茂树(Kagemaru), 02为未知角色。在标题画面上更改这个值相当于输入代码。从技术上讲,除了0002之外的任何值都将使用茂树(Kagemaru)。唯一的实际效果是,初始化级别时,$0303$0304将内存设置为不同的MMC3 CHR 程序段值——$40/$41用于Doropie/Francesca, $68/$69用于茂树(Kagemaru), $4A/$4B用于未知角色。在美版上,这个值似乎根本不被检查。改变写入哪个角色精灵CHR银行的覆盖子例程似乎完全不存在,因此{{hex|$0303}和$0304总是分别初始化为$40$41


(来源于: GameFAQS, Southbird)

Unused Graphics

Japanese Version

The full text can be found on the game's box in Japanese as "まじかるキッズ どろび".

Magical Dorpie NES-Magical Kids Round Intro.png

This graphic is found with the other stage intro graphics; however, the only part that is used is "magical", leaving the "kid's" part unused. Oddly enough, this text matches the game's title on the Japanese box.

Original Mockup
Magical Dorpie NES-Stage Intro.png Magical Dorpie NES-Stage Intro mockup.png


This graphic of Doropie used in Round 1's cutscenes is normally static; however, a few unused tiles suggest it was supposed to be animated and synced with Doropie's dialogue.

Magical Doropie NES-asteroids found in space call scene.png

Sprites of asteroids are loaded with the ending scene where Doropie gets a call from Kagemaru.

Magical Doropie NES-graphic found in space call scene.png

Another unused graphic is loaded into the same scene; it is unclear what it's supposed to be.

US Version

Krion Conquest NES Doropie angry graphic.png

A shot of Francesca looking angry.


Krion Conquest US-J-Francesca gif.gif

A shot of Doropie with her hair waving in the wind.

Francescas Wand early title screen.jpg

Magical Doropie NES-Francescas Wand Potrait.gif

This animated portrait, loaded with the rest of the title screen graphics, is all that remains of a much earlier title screen (right). The portrait was likely an 8×8 block of sprites, which would explain why the top and bottom are cut off in the screenshot (the NES can only show 64 sprites at once).

Probably the most interesting graphic you'll see all day.

The letters "NE" can be found below the early Francesca's Wand graphics. These mark the end of the CHR data in the US version.

Rounda five

According to an interview, a lot of stage five, the final stage, was cut due to space issues. You never see a level completion screen where this digit would've been used because there's only one level with the bosses. After the bosses are defeated, you see the credits.

(来源于: Wikipedia)

Magical Doropie NES US-JP-Kagemaru look down.png

A shot of Kagemaru looking down.

Level Select

Magical Dorpie NES-Level Select Screen.png

In the Japanese version, press Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right on controller 2 and then hold Select and press A on controller 1. Press Left or Right to select a digit and Up or Down to change it. Pressing B will cause the currently selected digit to blink. The program code for this feature is completely absent from the US version.

(来源于: GameFAQS)