Hot Racing

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Title Screen

Hot Racing

别名: Metro Mania, High Way Racing
开发商: Nice Code
游戏平台: Unlicensed NES

GraphicsIcon.png 本游戏有未使用的图型.
Carts.png 本游戏有版本差别.

Hot Racing is bootleg clone of Konami's Road Fighter.

Unused Graphics

Unused Letters

Metro Mania-letters.png
Metro Mania-unusedletters.png

The font used for displaying the "CHECKPOINT" message after completing a race contains several unused letters (A, G, M, R, S, V, and Y). Judging by their arrangement, they were likely used to display messages reading "START", "EMPTY", and "GAME OVER".


Metro Mania-racer.png

It's Superman! It functions on the 16-bit port called "High Way Racing" flying through the left screen so it seems to be mostly a leftover or an early idea. Stored with the obstacle graphics.

Early Car Graphics

After all of the CHR banks used by the game, there are 4 unused banks containing early graphics for each of the playable cars.

Big Wheel

Early Final
Metro Mania-bigwheelearly.png Metro Mania-bigwheelfinal.png

The positions of some pixels on the roof of the car's driving sprite were altered slightly for the final. Both sets of crashing sprites are identical.


Early Final
Metro Mania-f1early.png Metro Mania-f1final.png

The F1 had a completely different design which was changed for the final game.


Early Final
Metro Mania-svearly.png Metro Mania-svfinal.png

The headlights were shrunk on the driving sprite and a slight bit more detail was added to the back of it. Both sets of crashing sprites are identical.


Early Final
Metro Mania-farreriearly.png Metro Mania-farrerifinal.png

The front of the car's driving sprite was made symmetrical and more detail was added to the back of it. Both sets of crashing sprites are identical.

(来源于: 原始TCRF研究)

Version Differences

Hot Racing Metro Mania
Hot Racing-title.png Metro Mania-title.png

A basic hack of Hot Racing named Metro Mania can be found on many recent Plug & Play Famiclones. Only the title screen logo is changed, the "Hot Racing" text on the vehicle selection menu remains unchanged.