Golgo 13 - Dai 1 Shou - Kamigami no Tasogare

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Title Screen

Golgo 13: Top Secret Episode

游戏名称: Golgo 13: Top Secret Episode
别名: Golgo 13: Dai 1 Shou: Kamigami no Koukon (JP)
开发商: Vic Tokai
发行商: Vic Tokai
游戏平台: NES
发行于日本: March 26,1988
发行于美国: September 1988

AreasIcon.png 本游戏有未使用的区域.
GraphicsIcon.png 本游戏有未使用的图型.
LevelSelectIcon.png 本游戏有隐藏的选关功能.
RegionIcon.png 本游戏有区域差别.

A somewhat crude but novel action platformer-shooter-3D maze game featuring Saito's famous manga mercenary assassin.

例如: Full female frontal nudity

Unused Areas

Act 3, Second Basement Level

Basement 1 - contains tunnel to "unreachable" down-ladder

In Act 3, there's an optional building, which contains a corridor. The corridor cannot be passed, as you need four grenades to get through and the game only provides 3. However, if you use a cheating device to get through (Memory $51F = grenade count), you will reach a down ladder to the second basement level.

Basement 2 - Strange level

The second basement (location identifier $5B) consists of one-way walls. There's nothing else of note, and you can safely return to the rest of the building by returning to the start of the floor.

Additionally, using a memory editor to move outside the 4x4 area may let you stumble upon a down ladder. Taking any of these ladders brings you to the beginning of this floor (as if you entered from the second floor).

Hitler's Brain Room

Golgo13 topsecretepisode unusedarea.png

Freezing 0017:4B into RAM will allow you to visit an area that defaults as the room that carries Hitler's (Smirk's) brain. The area is complete with collision; perhaps Golgo-13 would destroy Hitler in the side-view mode instead of automatically killing him in sniper mode. This is somewhat notable because this is one of the few places in the game that has a higher ledge that Golgo-13 can jump to.

Level Select

Golgo 13 - Top Secret Episode-levelselect.png

To enable this cheat you must wait until the helicopter demo ends and Duke's eyes show up. Press Start to skip to the title screen before the text appears. At the title screen press and hold Up + A + B on the first controller and Up + Left + A + B on the second controller. Now press Start on the first controller. A screen with two numbers will appear. Press Up / Down to select stage code. Codes of the levels are:

  • 00 - Level 1
  • 02 - Level 1a
  • 08 - Level 2
  • 0A - Level 3
  • 0E - Level 3a
  • 12 - Level 4
  • 1A - Level 4a
  • 1E - Level 5
  • 32 - Level 7
  • 38 - Level 8
  • 3B - Level 9
  • 40 - Level 10
  • 49 - Level 13

Unused Graphics

Golgo13 topsecretepisode missilebattery.png

This missile battery icon is for the 3D shooting mode. You do encounter missile batteries on tank turrets at the Nazi Base, but they are counted as "tank" objects.

Golgo13 1 nes unused car tileset.png

Golgo13 1 nes unused car mockups.png
An unused car or mobile missile battery for the 3D Shooting segments. The actual setup this object would have been in is unknown, but several mockups have been made anyway.

Regional Differences

More regional differences noted here

Rendezvous with Cherry


In Stage 2, Golgo goes to a hotel room to rendezvous with Cherry Grace, she ends up offering herself to Golgo. In the USA version, that's where it ends. But, in the Japanese version, it actually shows Cherry taking her clothes off first!

The graphics for this scene can still be found in the US ROM.

(Discovery: ReyVGM)

Karaoke Easter Egg

Golgo 13 - Dai 1 Shou - Kamigami no Tasogare-easter.png

In the Japanese version of the game, during pause, not only the special music is playing, but the whole song's Lyrics is displayed on the screen. But there is one more surprise inside. If you sing while music is playing in the Famicom's internal microphone on Controller 2, the game will count your score, which will be displayed on the screen, after the song is over. The longer you can sing, the higher your score, but if you get less than 10 points, the game won't show you anything. Every two shouts in microphone counts as 1 point.

The lyrics from the US version were disabled as well as mentioned easter, but you still can re-enable them using the Game Genie codes XTKATPAV+XVUEAIAV. Unfortunately, the text sitting in the US ROM is still in Japanese, but corresponding fonts were completely rewritten, so you couldn't see anything useful anymore, including your score. 模板:Golgo 13 series