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Title Screen


游戏名称: Dropzone
开发商: Eurocom
发行商: Mindscape
游戏平台: NES
发行于欧洲: 1992

GraphicsIcon.png 本游戏有未使用的图型.

The often forgotten NES port of Archer MacLean's Dropzone.

Unused Graphics

A pair of seemingly unused objects.


Secret Initials

To enter any player names at the hi-score table, you must get at least 10,000 pts. After entering any name from the list below, wait for the hi-score table to appear and press Up, Right, Down, Left on controller 1. A small green enemy will appear to the left of the hi-score table as an animated cursor. Select one of the secret names with Up / Down to activate the corresponding game effect. To play with these effects, press Select. Pressing Start will reset the current cheat state.

  • ZOQ - Does nothing
  • NOJ - Does nothing
  • RRP - Doubles the cloak time
  • CZN - Starts game from WAVE 5
  • FHO - Starts game from WAVE 10
  • INR - Prevents explosion when volcano particles or NMEYE enemy collision detects
  • KEN - Faster moving acceleration
  • LOB - Slower moving acceleration
  • BAZ - Higher gravity
  • WOW - Starts game from WAVE 75
  • MPS - Glamour game mode (Turns graphics purple)
  • HDB - Cancels cheat mode, set all names as "JNR" and all scores to 100
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模板:Dropzone series