Contra Spirits

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Title Screen

Contra Spirits

游戏名称: Contra Spirits
别名: Super Contra 3
开发商: Ei-How Yang
发行商: Hosenkan Electronics
游戏平台: Unlicensed NES
发行于全球: 1995

GraphicsIcon.png 本游戏有未使用的图型.
DebugIcon.png 本游戏有隐藏的调试功能.
LevelSelectIcon.png 本游戏有隐藏的选关功能.

Contra Spirits is a bootleg NES port of Contra 3: The Alien Wars for the SNES. Probably best known for its ending sequence (THEND).

Unused Graphics

alot of sprites and BG tiles of unimplemented enemies and stuff

Unused Title


This unused title screen that says "Lanbo Waizhuan" in Chinese (Lanbo being a Chinese approximation of Rambo, and Waizhuan being equivalent to the Japanese Gaiden) may have been leftover from an older build, or it may have been intended to allow the manufacturers to produce copies of the game with an alternate title using the same PCB, in a similar fashion to Aladdin. The game uses the same mapper as Aladdin, which supports this functionality, but it does not seem to have been used.

(来源于: Bootleg Games Wiki)

Unused Continue Screen

Contra Spirits (NES)-continue.png

Also, there is an unused continue screen within the tilemap data, never used by any part of the program.

one more unused title/logo left, but without CHR data at all, find out what is it actually


As most of JY/Ei-How Yang games, this one contain a hidden JY logo accessible with the button sequence code Up, Up, Up, Up, Down, Down, Down, Down, Left, Left, Right, Right before the title screen.

Stage Select

Contra Spirits (NES)-stgeselect.png

At the stage info and score screen, before the level starts, press A + B + Select. Use Up / Down to select a stage, press Start to begin.

Debug Leftovers

Contra Spirits (NES)-debug.png

The Game Genie code XVUEKPAV re-enables the in-game debug display. Variables, that is displaying are set up by the different debug functions, which is disabled too, but can be reenabled with more patches. They include player coords display, various helper cheats, etc...

describe all of them