Balloon Fight

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Title Screen

Balloon Fight

游戏名称: Balloon Fight
开发商: Nintendo R&D1
发行商: Nintendo
游戏平台: NES
发行于日本: January 22,1985
发行于美国: August 1986
发行于欧洲: March 12,1987

GraphicsIcon.png 本游戏有未使用的图型.

Balloon Fight is a fairly early NES title, notably worked on by Satoru Iwata.

Unused Graphics

Since the graphics were directly copied from Vs. Balloon Fight, some leftover graphics exist.

BalloonFight EndAnim.gif

In Vs. Balloon Fight, the last balloon that would float out of the pipes would carry a small card with the word "END" printed onto it. It also had an animation for turning when it came out of the pipe. The graphics remain, but it is not used anywhere in the game.

BalloonFight Cloud.png

The arcade version also had large white clouds that appeared in the background of each level. They only served as decoration, and unlike the gray clouds they will never shoot out lightning. The tiles appear in the same place as they were in the graphics table of Vs. Balloon Fight, but they have some minor differences aesthetically. What is much more interesting about this cloud is that the exact same graphics appear in many early screenshots of Vs. Balloon Fight. This likely means that the graphics were copied over from Vs. Balloon Fight at some point before the cloud was redrawn, although probably some time after the screenshots were taken, since some other graphics from the screenshots (such as a strange rocket-like object) are not present in either final version.

BalloonFight ceiling.png

The tile used to create the ceiling at the top of every stage in the arcade version is present, but is not used in the NES version. This was used in the arcade version because the level scrolled vertically, though it has no use in this version because the screen doesn't scroll, and it would only limit the level height even further.

BalloonFight X.png

Spread throughout the graphics table are a large number of crossed-out tiles. It should be noted that the placement of these tiles is only in place of graphics from Vs. Balloon Fight that would be unused anyway, such as the graphics for the arrow which would fly onscreen if you stayed on a level too long, the ground tiles for the mid-stage scoreboard, and the extra IUP- and IIUP tiles that were later shortened to just I- and II-, due to the fact that there is no longer any way to gain an extra life.

BalloonFight UnusedSymbols.png

Within the font there are also unused characters, including a comma, a period and comma combined into one tile, a question mark, an asterisk (used in some games for the game mode selection icon), and an underscore. These might have simply been left in by the developers in case they needed them, or possibly because the font was copied over from another game.模板:Balloon Fight series