Aladdin (NES, Hummer Team)

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Title Screen


游戏名称: Aladdin
别名: Aladdin II, Aladdin III,
Aladdin Special, Popeye II: Travels in Persia
开发商: Hummer Team
发行商: JY Company
游戏平台: Unlicensed NES
发行于全球: 1995

CopyrightIcon.png 本游戏有隐藏的开发商字幕.
GraphicsIcon.png 本游戏有未使用的图型.
Carts.png 本游戏有版本差别.

The game has unused bonus round graphics.

One of an amazing four Aladdin games released for the NES and/or Famicom, three of which were ports of the Mega Drive game (one of which was actually licensed!). This is neither. It's a port of the SNES game, released in 1995 by some people who definitely did not have permission from either Capcom or Disney to do so.

Stop! Hummer time.

This unused "Hummer" can be found with the title screen graphics. It looks fairly rough, so it probably wasn't ever intended to be displayed (or at least would have been replaced by a polished version if it found its way into the final product).

(来源于: Bootleg Games Wiki)

Programmer Credit

The following text is present in the ROM and used for memory initialization:

. Silvers LIN .
(来源于: Bootleg Games Wiki, cah4e3)

Version Differences

Popeye II: Travels in Persia

Basically the same game, but with Popeye's head on Aladdin's body. Surprisingly effective.

Aladdin Popeye II
Definitely not Disney's He's Popeye the sailor man/He's travelling through Iran (toot toot)
Aladdin? Ha! I can take you on, no problem. In fact I'll just look the other way and... ...Oh crap Popeye's right behind me isn't he
Oh I bet they forget to change this Changed graphics AND a palette swap. Well I never.

Internal Variations

In common with many games released by JY Company, each game ROM contains multiple variations on the same game, enabling them to produce multiple "different" carts simply by adjusting dip switches by soldering a joint on the PCB. In emulators, these are usually accessed through a soft-reset (FCE Ultra) or menu (Nestopia).

This said, the dumped Aladdin and Popeye II: Travels in Persia ROMs are both actually different revisions of the game with different title screens and graphics contained within.


In addition to the two accessible using dip switches, this version contains at least two title variations which are only available through Game Genie codes. Popeye II was ultimately used in the other release of the game (although the Popeye sprite is not present in this version), but no Aladdin Special cart is known to exist.

Accessible through dip switches
Vanilla Aladdin It's a completely new game now. Because the II SAYS it is.
Game Genie only
What's special about it? The word "special" of course. What more do you want? Popeye in name only
(来源于: cah4e3 (Game Genie codes))

Popeye II: Travels in Persia

Hey, this game development stuff is EASY! It's not even lunch yet and we've already made two sequels! AND a game in a whole different franchise!

45-in-1 Version

The version present on the JY-120 Super 45-in-1 multicart (also known for containing the only known release of the full version of the NES Super Mario World port) features some differences from the standalone releases; the controls are reversed (so A is jump and B is attack, in line with most other NES platform games) and Popeye II, listed here as a separate menu option, starts on the second level, to further the illusion that it is actually a different game.

Probably Hacked/Pirate Versions

More info on missing animations and second MMC3 port

A somewhat poorly-done port of the game from JY's proprietary mapper to the standard MMC3 mapper exists, probably made without Hummer Team's involvement, which is the most common version found on pirate carts. This is often known as "Aladdin 4", but the "first three" Aladdin games seem to exist in this variant too.


The easiest way to distinguish it is by the fact that when starting the game, instead of the first level's music playing, a sound effect plays while the title screen music continues (leaving it music-less when that tune finishes). Sometimes its copyright date is modified to 1996, and some animations in later levels are missing.

Another MMC3 port of unknown origin does not suffer from the music problem, but is rarely seen on cartridge.