6 in 1 (Caltron)

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Title Screen

6 in 1

游戏名称: 6 in 1
别名: Caltron 6-in-1 Six in One (US, Myriad), Real Player's Pak/Pack (AU), Multi-Ação 6 in 1 (BR)
开发商: NTDEC ( Caltron, Mega Soft), Hwang Shinwei
发行商: Caltron (US), Myriad (US), HES (AU), Dynacom (BR)
游戏平台: Unlicensed NES
发行于日本: 1992?
发行于美国: 1992
发行于澳大利亚: 1992?
发行于巴西: 1992?

CopyrightIcon.png 本游戏有隐藏的开发商字幕.
MinigameIcon.png 本游戏有未使用的模式 / minigames.
GraphicsIcon.png 本游戏有未使用的图型.

6 in 1 is a mediocre game compilation by NTDEC released under one of its many aliases. It's not outright terrible only because most of the games are ripoffs of other games, with the exception of Magic Carpet 1001. It's also one of the rarest NES games in history, but the Myriad version is even more valuable, even though it's the same game with a new label plastered onto the cartridge that doesn't even cover the old one properly!

At least it's better than Action 52. WHOOPS DID I JUST SAY THAT OUT LOUD


The cart contains the unmodified PRG data for Pokey starting at 0x38000 in the ROM, which was one of the first unlicensed NES games and was made by NTDEC in 1989. The only thing it's missing is some of the graphics, which can be found in Asder 20-in-1. This suggests that Caltron intended to include Pokey, but it was cut due to time or space issues.

Unused Graphics

This one is from Cosmos Cop. This one is from Balloon Monster. This one is from Porter.

Leftover Mega Soft logos from Cosmos Cop, Balloon Monster, and Porter. They were all originally released separately on cartridges under the Mega Soft name, and the logo graphics can still be found in those games.

Unused Text

Copyright 1991 MEGASOFT$6 IN ONE$

Found at 0x7210 in the main menu's PRG data, which suggests NTDEC planned to (or did?) release this cart under the Mega Soft name in 1991.

Main_Program & Hardware Design by Shao_Hwa Chiou

A developer's credit, also found in the main menu's PRG data at 0x7FCA.